Farm 4.0 Information Memorandum

Farm 4.0 is a revolutionary strawberry farming solution, with a focus on introducing smart farming technology to the industry, improving sustainability, and educating the public on the future of horticulture. The unique Farm 4.0 greenhouse system offers an array of benefits such as protection from the harsh climate and pests, minimising seasonal reliance, improving worker conditions, using 80-90% less water, requiring less land and reducing transportation.

As part of the Farm 4.0 project launch I developed and designed a 28-page Information Memorandum and an accompanying Powerpoint presentation; together these formed a valuable sales tool to pitch their venture to potential investors. I drew inspiration from the fresh reds and greens of the strawberries and chose crisp typography that struck the right balance between user-friendliness and slightly industrial styling.

ODEON Cinemas pricing campaign

Our team was tasked with an ODEON brand refresh which encompassed a range of new campaigns including new-look pricing promotions.

For this brief I developed a full set of 3D numbers and characters that incorporated cinema-related objects while using the ODEON colours to keep in line with their other branding. The styling for the campaign was playful and aimed to encapsulate the ODEON cinema experience. The price points varied for each venue so having a full set meant we could interchange the numbers as needed. We eventually rolled out the creative nationwide and it appeared on everything from web banners to truck sides to phone boxes.

Odeon_Quad_insitu_1280x840 Odeon_Quad_insitu2_1280x840

Unforgettable Films (Universal Pictures)

At Zero Degrees West (London) I collaborated on a range of special edition packaging for iconic Universal films over the years. Taking inspiration from key imagery within the film, we aimed to create a sort of visual pun that fans would connect with. The project resulted in a collection of DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Steelbooks that were released in late 2014 through HMV in the UK and online via Amazon.


Freelance project at an agency in London. Taking the existing brand identity of two Spotify campaigns, Secret Social and Playoffs, I rolled out the creative to a wide range of marketing material including flyers, invitations, landing pages, emails, and social media branding.

spotify_ss_webpage  SS_email_1.2