ODEON Sub Branding

As part of the Zero Degrees West design team, we were tasked with a brand refresh for ODEON cinemas. I created a range of posters and press ads to complement the new sub branding for ODEON Kids, ODEON Newbies and ODEON Silver Cinema.

In-Cinema_Odeon_Quad_3D_1280x840  In-Cinema_Odeon_Quad2_3D_1280x840  In-Cinema_Odeon_Quad3_3D_1280x8401

zdw_portfolio_Odeon_Press_Ad_In_Situ_1280x840  zdw_portfolio_Odeon_Press_Ad2_In_Situ_1280x840  zdw_portfolio_Odeon_Press_Ad3_In_Situ_1280x840

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